Thursday, April 29, 2010

18 Months Old!

I have seen the number in her clothing and it just does not seem like my baby should be 18 MONTHS OLD!
These days.........
Ann Marie loves her pink blankie! Don't try to substitute , she is way tooo smart for that! still attached to her pip ( pacifier) Working on that one!=)

She likes to put on her own shoes, no she has not mastered buckles or shoe laces, but she does ok with velcro believe it or not! As a matter of fact, she wants to do EVERYTHING by herself! Very independent, can't imagine where she gets that trait from.....

Ann Marie is skilled with a fork and spoon! Do not make the mistake of having a finger too close to her plate!

She still loves being outside! She will not put her hands on the ground to get up outside, not sure why, she just won't do it! She has no problem digging in the dirt or playing in the water, just not a fan of grass!

Her hair is growing by the inch daily! I think it will be time for a salon visit soon!

Ann Marie loves Wonderpets.....Ming-Ming is her favorite!! Wonderpets is a family event at our house every night!

Overall, Ann Marie is a happy, healthy little girl and she is wonderful!! Mama and Daddy love you very much and we praise God everyday for his awesome power to create life and allow us to enjoy it so much! Now, on to the next 18 months! We can't wait to wake up everyday and see what Ann Marie is going to learn or do! ( and pretty soon say!) So far, it is Mama,Daddy, dog, and NO!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter 2010