Monday, December 29, 2008

Ann Marie's First Shots

We went to the pediatrician today for Ann Marie's first shots and had quite a day! The Doctor had to go home right before we got there with the stomach virus, so we had to wait about three hours to finally get shots. Ann Marie was a little trooper right up until they stuck her with all the needles. She got this funny look on her face and then she screamed bloody murder!!! I teared up when she started screaming! It hurt me to see her get stuck so many times! She only cried for a few minutes and then she fell asleep before we left the clinic! All in all, not bad for the first set of shots. Too bad there are more to come!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Continues....

My Great - Aunt Dixie came over to my cousin's house to see Connor's new four wheeler and he ask her if she wanted a ride and she said sure!! She is a hoot!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Fun!

We celebrated Christmas with Dino's family Monday night and my family on Tuesday! Ann Marie was the center of attention at both!=) She is growing so fast! She smiles and laughs when you talk to her and she looks around at everything! She loves the Christmas tree! ( We may have a Valentine's,Mardi Gra,Easter,etc. tree if it will keep her happy!) It is a joy to celebrate another year with all my Grandparents. I know I am so lucky to have them!! We took a four generation pic with Ann Marie,me,my Mom ,and my Grandma!

There is nothing like December in the Delta!It was 75 degrees outside and 30 degrees a few hours later!

Hanging with Uncle Hunter and Aunt Lori

Sweet girl!!

Brandi and I said Where were these kids when we did Christmas Card Pictures!haha

Ella Grace helping Ann Marie with her pacifier

Four Generations

Ella Grace in her new dress up "Princess" dress

Daddy and Ann Marie between the morning hunt and the afternoon hunt =)

Mad Gab

We went over to Drew and Maury's house Friday night to eat dinner and we played Mad Gab! It's a really fun game! Maury made Ann Marie a little blanket pile on the floor and she giggled and cooed all night!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Brandi and I did a Christmas photo shoot with the girls this week! Here are a few of the pics! We did actually get a few that were good!While we were taking pictures Ella Grace would pat Ann Marie's head when she started crying and tell her," Ann Ree, it's ok". She loves her little cousin!! She just looks at her and says, awwww, baby, and grins!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Carter,Isabelle,and Ann Marie hanging out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She Sleeps......

I could not resist this picture....She looks like she is meditating! Maybe she is meditating about her Mommy and Daddy getting some SLEEP tonight!Ha, no chance of that! Mission Accomplished: The Christmas tree is up! It is nothing to write home about, but by golly we have a tree!=)
P.S. Please excuse the big scratch on her face! Her fingernails grow super fast and she will not tolerate her hands being covered up! Not to mention how hard it is to cut an infant's fingernails and her not scream about it!=)